Offices & Shops Interiors, Decoration & Fit-out TOTAL OFFICE SOLUTIONS



    We are specialized in Shops & Offices interiors, decoration &   Fit-out. Our services include: 

    Partitions & false ceiling

    Painting & wall finishing

    Floor & wall tiling

    Electromechanical works

    Carpentry works

    Renovation & maintenance works

    Office interior design

    company WTW believes in practical designs that solve office space problems and create friendly and comfortable environments and attract customers to the innovative newly designed office space fitting to your business’s ams and objectives, and maximizing your profits. We offer you project management skills and practical experience for the ultimate design in space planning, design development and full fit out with full consideration to details. We can offer practical decorating and furniture solutions at a budget convenient to you. We can fulfill all required office works, electrical fits, A.C., ceilings, flooring and walls, decoration and portioning. We also coordinate purchase of suitable furniture and plants upon your request.



 Office fit out

We recognize that planning and organizing as well as time management are crucial for each project. We are the refore committed to delivering in time with the required outcome to ensure your business objectives are met. Our company prepares a timetable with detailed activities be carried out with certain deadlines in order to ensure that our valuable client has a clear picture and visibility of how the project is progressing. Our skilled labor helps us fulfill accurate and complete work including safety standards and attention to detail, within the required timeframe.We can provide a full office fit out service, i.e. partitions, ceilings, electrical fits, A.C., flooring and walls, from one single source.

Office partitioning

The office partitioning could be the most vital component when planning & designing office space. Our company provides partitioning solutions to accommodate the projects needs and concerns by separating larger areas for practical use. Our experience in planning projects gives us the knowledge to recommend a variety of options:

  1. Simple single glass partition. 
  2. Double glass with aluminum frame partition.
  3.  Frameless single glass partition.
  4. Double sided gypsum board partition.
  5. Wood panel partition.

Office ceilings

Ceilings provide character to a room space. To complete an office & partitioning products, we offer a full range of suspended ceiling systems as well.

Gypsum board ceiling include:

Plain gypsum board ceiling with corneas. Decorative gypsum board ceiling with bulk head and corneas.

Gypsum tiles 600mm x 600mm plain and with design ,This item is considered simple and practical. It can be used in all areas in your office and its tile design gives your office ceiling a modern and attractive.

600mm x 600mm aluminum tiles, plain and perfor.These tiles give your office ceiling a grand and classy look, in addition to its easy washing.    

600mm x 600mm wood tiles. These tiles give your office ceiling original and warm interiors. 

Open painted ceiling give you office an industrial look. 

Electrical installations

Electrical installations are part of our offer to complete your office design through installing a full new lighting scheme.

We believe that good illumination in offices is important to create a pleasant &productive working environment.

We take into consideration the need for electrical sockets to be installed in the right place for electrical equipment to be connected easily.

A.C. and ventilation

It is necessary to ensure that there is enough outdoor fresh air in the new office environment. Our company also takes into consideration that the environment and temperature in the office space are agreeable to our clients and that it provides a high degree of comfort to the people inside the offices through enabling them to have greater control of the cooling system by balancing temperatures and humidity, in order to efficiently maximizes energy efficiency.

Floors and walls

Floors and walls add a personalized look and taste to your office design. Our company works with clients throughout the office design process and supplies leading design products within the specified budget ensuring quality and satisfying our clients’ needs in the combination of colors and designs.

Office flooring ideas and designs

  1. Laminated parquet flooring. 
  2. Solid wood flooring. 
  3. Porcelain tiles. 
  4.  Marble tiles.
  5. Ceramic tiles. 
  6. Carpets.

 Office wall ideas & designs

  1. Regular painting. 
  2. Combination of painting colors. 
  3. Decorative painting with marble & wood finishings. 
  4. Wall paper.